Monday, February 21, 2011

Top Ten Things to Do While Waiting in Queue

These are random thoughts. You may add, annihilate, or arrange in any way you choose:

10. Around your desk/play area, create a diorama scene from your last Tol Barad battle using paperclips, hand-sanitizer bottles, bills, and paperweights as props. Gain understanding on Horde battle strategies.

9. If you are playing a Night Elf hunter, get a tablespoon of Nutella and eat it like frosting. (JUST ONE - that stuff is eeeeee----villllll.) (But, if you are a human warrior, peanut butter; a Druid, almond butter, natch; gnome, apple butter; and, if you are a Draenei restoration shaman, priest, or paladin, butter butter. Because good mana flow requires lipids. (And not margarine - real butter*.)

8. Drink a new potion or two. Surprise yourself. Make sure you get the key off the table first before you drink and shrink. Alice made that mistake.

7. Write five haikus about your character's weapons, personality, guild, etc. Remember haikus? Japanese poetry form with a 5/7/5 syllable meter, similar to a limerick but much classier. Usually. For example:

tapping hooves in queue
patience blows cold tissue thin
ready for wiping

If limericks are more your style, they are a five-line poem that go in a "a/a/b/b/a" rhyming pattern. For example:

There once was a dwarf, all Ironforged
On barrels of brew he gorged
Till one day he spewed
Right when he queued
And the contents were all disgorged

no - that doesn't work - let me try again:

There once was a girl from Goldshire
Whom all the men would admire
Till one day her achievements
Would not make the payments
And she had to start tanking for hire...

That's awful too. Oh well. 

6. Look through your achievement lists and see if there's anything you've missed that would be an easy fix

5. Make a list of your pets/companions and name every single one. Challenge yourself and use one initial letter: I am going to use names that start with "Q." 

4. Go /hug every dwarf in Ironforge. They could use it.

3. Get off your tail and practice your Night Elf girl dance moves. Get up. Now. Dance. 

2. Keep dancing.

1. Dungeon's ready! Go kill some bosses.


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