Sunday, April 3, 2011

Date night.

I am not sure how any GM does it: weaving those raids together, on time, with everyone ready: must be like herding cats.
Mat stays frosty while waiting for word...

When the best of plans and intentions go a bit off, what is the true social etiquette? Mat honestly doesn't know. If one is lost in a dungeon, or does something dumb (as Mat did the other evening, missing the achievement portion*), how much slack and waiver is expected from other players? If one says we shall meet again at this server time, and it doesn't work out, there is definitely grace and forgiveness proportionately related to understanding others' circumstances and intent. (That means: Mat knows you're busy, and she's cool with that.)  What Mat does know is she never wants there to be hurt feelings on anyone's side for when things do or don't happen, especially when in small groups for fun. When things are a bit more serious that's a different matter. She has been chastised for being overly-goofy and has caused her share of nerd rage; she would never want to breech proper form or manners if she isn't on time, or conversely, should just chill.

Mat and her friends had plans for tonight; to explore Karazhan. It was fun, even though one friend couldn't make it due to circumstances beyond their control. The entire thing maybe took about two hours; the waiting to find out if it was a party of two or three close to an hour.

This isn't really about where and whom to hang out with: it's about the how. The 24 hour day, time zones, work/school schedules, things that come up, drop off, or reshuffle are unexpected, just doesn't seem to cut it when you're trying to live a human life and a pixelated one.

And, since it's tough enough to live one life, and much more high maintenance to have two, Mat proposes she and her friends err on the side of slack and chill. We do what we can together when we can. And if she ever gets lost like that again, she promises to install a tracking device in her horns. Placing a bell around her neck was suggested tonight.

And now, the human is going to sleep. She has squeezed enough out of these hours as she can, and she has miles to go before she sleeps...

*Thanks for the dungeon redemption

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