Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Buff Envy.

You pallies, mages, priests and druids have abilities I am sorely lacking: buffs. Standing shyly at the gates of Alterac Valley, you all throw out your love to us like beads at Mardi Gras, never asking for anything in return, you just give, give, give...I feel like I showed up at a party without the right type of wine or hostess gift...shameful. A hearty "TY" and your "NP" just doesn't seem like enough gratitude...and no, I'm not going to lift my armor to get more beads.

Maybe if the good folks at Blizz would listen to ME once in awhile, and not throw out all that lawyer-y crap they do, protecting copyrights and blah blah blah, they would notice this little blondie has a few good ideas...for example, why not give others the gift of buffs, too?

Hunters would love to throw out their "Carnivorous Appetite" buff on all, allowing friendly players to gain 10% more damage on attack power. Bling! Bite! Insignia taken - boo-yah!

Rogues would buff one and all with the "Oliver Twisted" pick-pocket ability for 60 minutes...good for us toons who get a little short on gold from upping our professions...

Myself, I would like the "Bandaid Buff," or the power to decrease health loss, create happiness and boo-boo kisses when a fellow player is feeling insecure, or if I get a "WTF MATAO?!?!" in a dungeon. /cry (I deserved it - suffering from dungeon fatigue, I made some bad choices one instance). Just a little sompim' sompim' to make it all better. Warrior feeling nerfed? Bandaid. Death Knight all emo? Bandaid. Hunter losing focus? You get the idea.

Beauty BuffNow, I realize you Troll and Orc (cough) ladies have no issues with your femininity. You are more than comfortable with three-days' worth of beard growth and lip-ring infections. However, if you want to take a tip from those snooty Blood Elf girls, you may want to invest in a good Brazilian wax and nose-hair trimmer....just sayin'. Those BE sorority girls know a thing or two about metro-sexual BE males. (Those pretty boys sure can dance, though, and form the best boy bands.) A  "Beauty Buff" would not only change your appearance for raids and holiday quests, but might get you a date, too.

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