Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My pretty pony...

As much as we all love to complain about what things are wrong with our world, I gotta admit, these seahorses are beautiful...the whole of Vashj'ir is stunning. Questing in a non-linear mode, truly three-dimensional, (things coming up from the sand, overhead, sideways and backwards) has added a new flavor, and it ain't tuna. Granted, I have become somewhat water logged, and I am pretty sure I caught a nasty cold from the Earthern Ring shaman, (who reminds me of an old Jewish grandfather...'vat, you vant somethink? Go then, you vant I should help you vit this quest?') So, as I work on avoiding shark bites and jellyfish stings (I think I just spotted Spongebob behind that Obsidian deposit...) I will kick up the sand and free Willy, oh, Wil'ha? Wil'he? Won't he? Anyway, gonna go grab a Krabby patty and be on my way!

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