Sunday, March 18, 2012


Okay, forgive me for closing the voting a bit early, but I am sleepy, girls. Old Mr. Alarm Clock cracks the whip like no one's business. 

So, here are the results:

Dominatrix: Dragonray
Bullwhip: Dewdrop (Classy/Dungeon Darling)
Riding Crop: Tome

Dominatrix: Veroicone
Bullwhip: Navi
Riding Crop: Kamalia
(But it was damn close, ladies.)

  • It was a tough one since I liked ALL of them! The white leather rogue was very unique and different so I gave her a vote. I loved the way the hair accented the outfit. I am a sucker for druids!
  • Nightelves look brilliant in technicolour!
  • Everyone did such a great job!
  • Love the creative screenshots :)
  • You all did such a nice job with this - very inspiring!
  • Love contests like this that allow everyone to put forth their creativity!
  • So many beautiful outfits, I took so long considering that my computer went into hibernation.
  • Great work to all contestants! Wish there were more boys!*
  • So hard to choose! Excellent outfits from everyone!
  • Love all of the submissions, all very creative and hard to choose!
  • Everyone did awesomely.
  • Love the looks - druids are some of the most beautiful players in the game...

*HAHAHA - that cracked me up!

Overall, Whom We Would Like to Crack That Whip: Tome!


Thank you all for playing along with me - this was fun! If I could serve you real dirty martinis, and raise a glass to you all, I would! Cheers!


  1. LOL! More boys! I know my Druid would agree!

  2. We really need to watch those girls, that shaman and druid - wild ones, they are indeed!

  3. :P Guess who made that boys comment :P

    Grats Tome!!!! WOOOOO! Now your druid will never let you hear the end of it!


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