Saturday, August 17, 2013


Yes, sometimes you get the bear:

Steady...steady....keep calm...hit the tamer button...careful!
Arcturis decided he wanted to go home with Haanta after all. One or two other hunters stopped by, the last one inquiring about spawn times, and politely left.

Obviously I did not have time to go hunt down some better mog gear before this screenshot: that'll be my next project. Might even change my hair color...

Now--let's think about this for a minute.
The real buffs in Azeroth do not come from a button or spell:

Mataoka's cloak: Friendship element
Haanta's bear: Patience buff
Ceniza's pet: Pure Dumb Luck charm
Kellda's green fire: Ah, now this one, this one is going to take cunning, study, trial-and-error, repair bill gold, and a whole lot of smarts. Call this the "Most Clever Witch" enchantment. This is going to take some brain cells and elbow grease.

Momokawa received some assistance in her Gokk quest, too:

Which is a sight for sore eyes.

I was going to link one of the awkward album covers from this BuzzFeed, but thought against it. If you have eye soap, feel free to click. Otherwise, you have been warned. These...these are not good. No. Bad. Very, very bad. If you think Anous is evil, well...


  1. ROTFLMAO! Oh no! I wanted to congratulate you but all I can think of is, No! Gary, no! For the love of all that's holy, just no!

    Deep breath, congratulations and I know she worked so hard to get that bear.

    Green fire, hmm, I think that might take another expansion for Sasche, without some gear to make up for the lack of skill I don't see that going anywhere soon for her but I'm confident you'll get there!

    1. You clicked the link didn't you? Who is the evil one? The green fire one is going to take a long time but for some reason I am okay with that. Those album covers....worth the price if admission right there

  2. Lol. Awesome pet! I'm not sure I should say much about green fire other then this. Check out the guide on Icy-veins. Although I'm uncertain if that strat will work in the next patch. It requires using the portals on cooldown to drop aggro. Anyway! Just keep at it! It's hard but it is possible!

    1. For some reason, I am willing to take my time with that one. Thanks for the tip, and your blog post about it is grand!

  3. Oh congratulations! I love it when the stars align on things like this. I think I have my quota on spectral pets with three in my stable.

    1. Most hunters of renown have them all - but hey - gotta start somewhere!


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