Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sure shot.

Well...after leveling one silly shaman from 1 to 80, and then 80 to 85, this seems a tiny bit anti-climatic, like seeing a movie when you know a spoiler, or reading the last pages of a murder mystery, but this does deserve a bit of pomp and circumstance, perhaps...

da-da- DAAAA: 

Haanta, the Huntress, is level 85!

I feel that, even more so than Matty, Haanta belongs to a group effort. Between knowing expert hunters, and a master leather worker, she had a tunic, cloak, and belt waiting for her; the right polearm (Lucky dwarf! Going to put you on a keychain!), and a necklace in storage, too.

But now the fun really begins. Grinding rep through the new Cata factions, getting those Ugh (Ugg) boots from the hippies in Mt. Hyjal, and a whole lot of drinking with dwarfs in Twilight. Good thing she already has her hair pulled back for the ensuing spew fest.

I know others are more adept at this, but when I switch from enh shaman to survival hunter, the transition is tricky. I either want to run up and pistol whip everything with my gun or stand back and glare at monsters with my fist weapon. I find that I am not great when a mob runs up to me, nor am I great at judging melee distances. Jack-of-all-trades, master of none time?

One concession I made with Haanta is her dual specs: she is survival and beast mastery. I'm in good company: Figured I might as well have some fun getting cool pets in between PUG moments when I'm called names for being a huntard. And a pre-apology and warning to my expert hunter friends: the expression "you'll shoot your eye out" was created for me.

This is a horrible recording, but you'll get the point: Beastie Boys/Sure Shot

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