Friday, May 20, 2011

Top Ten: You're Playing Too Much

I've had this list rattling around in my head for awhile. This may be updated or revised a few times over.

Top Ten Signs You're Playing Too Much

10. You're more concerned about preparing for a raid than a presentation for your boss.
9. You are developing a 'gamer's hunchback.' (This is very problematic for women, especially, because of the, um, imbalance of weight distribution on their backs. Posture, ladies, posture!)
8. You start to wish more humans would walk around with shields and swords than briefcases and cell phones. (Actually, this is a pretty good idea. Don't think the cops would like it too much.)
7. Your mother calls and you let it go to voice mail. A lot. (Oh, you do that anyway? This is your MOTHER for goodness sakes!)
6. You're starting to think blackened surprise or basilisk liver sounds pretty good for dinner.
5. Spend more time justifying your choice about Beast Mastery spec to strangers than making sure your own dog is brushed and bathed.
4. A 'night out drinking with buddies' now means a group of randy dwarfs versus old college friends.
3. You question whether you should put your 525 professional crafting level on a resume.
2. A friend whispers you telling you they're okay after some calamity (natural disaster, personal crisis, dog ran away, end of the world, you know, bad, evil things), and you tell them you'll talk to them after you're done with the PUG dungeon. (This will go on the Most Shameful WoW Moments Hall of Defame List.)
1. Your significant other is feeling amorous, and you resist the urge to type /hug on them.


Postscript: A friend asks you, "Aren't you suppose to be at work now?" and you realize, yes, indeed you should be at work. Five hours ago.

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