Monday, April 7, 2014



Sometimes--sometimes I think I understand the culture of Azeroth better than moving and navigating the real world. In Azeroth, there are no co-pays, mammograms, or messy closets. Well, messy guild tabs don't count. So while out there in the real world, taking care of myself, I grabbed a cup of black coffee filling it halfway to the top. I left it on the table when the nurse called me back, feeling guilty I didn't throw it in the trash. I came out of the checkup about twenty minutes later and a woman is sitting in the chair, texting on her phone, and my coffee cup is still there. I pick it up and throw it in the trash, while she tells me it was her coffee. Yes, I threw away a stranger's coffee. I laughed, embarrassed, and offered to pour her another cup. She declined, which can you blame her? Some crazy lady fresh from boob squishing wearing jean shorts and hoody trashes your coffee? God knows where those hands have been! Hey, I was on a roll today. Pulled a few weeds, got a closet almost done, recorded GoT and plan on a big ol'glass of Sophia Coppola wine and watch it. But I didn't get everything done. But the world is safe from my coffee trashing.

Wait. Wait a minute. Did she throw out my coffee cup before she got her own? Gross.

Back to Azeroth soon.

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  1. The real world is harder to navigate and sometimes weirder, who knows whose coffee that REALLY was. Sitting there waiting for boob squishing can make a person crazy!


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