Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My my my reputation...

There are at least 60 Exalted Reps here…so many Beloveds!

One of my project is building a rep. Yea, that's right. You heard me punk, a rep.

Lorewalkers: click and fly
Tillers - I know what to do. I just don't feel like doing it on two characters.
Tushi - where is that tabard?
Honor Hold: go talk to the Dwarfs. Again. And kill Orcs. Again.
The Sha'tar: Tempest Keep
Lower City: Auchindoun
Keepers of Time: Sigh.
Waterlords: Molten Core hikes
Nozdormu: Anything for you, Noz. Anything. Even sand in my butt cheeks.
League of Arathor: Arathi
Booty Bay: Oh, that shameful time I got the Bloodsail Admiral title. 
The Violet Eye: Karazhan again - not a problem

Oh, and I have a few other things on my to-do list too, like honor with the Liebster thingie, (thanks friends!), find some videos on Penitence, learn how not to click, and well, yeah. Oh well. Oh I wanted to play an April Fool's joke but I'm doing my best to ignore today's date. Besides, it's over in other time zones already, so I'm free and clear!


  1. I secretly want to be "beloved" too. I think for me at least it will be a long long road.

    1. We all deserve that title, in my opinion…yes, it's a lot of work. /sigh

  2. I don't know what's gotten in to Cat, usually by this time in an expansion she's all over rep grinding. I think it must be those pet battles.


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