Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ich bin ein Liebster (Part II: It Goes to Eleven)

Okay, because I can never follow rules, I am allowing Mataoka to answer these questions. She is quite the storyteller, so please indulge her. Mr. Snerguls is somewhere deep in the jungles of the Amazon rain forest right now, so he is not available to edit.

11 Questions to my Nominees…
1.             When did you start blogging , What it’s all about and why?

2.             Post your most favorite Screenshot of all time!
3.             Favorite city in WoW you hang out to and why?
4.             Do you play other games besides WoW? Any console you using besides your PC?
5.             What’s your favorite Trasmog gear?
6.             How many WoW characters in game do you have? Do you equally play them a lot?
7.             What’s your current achievement score? Whats the most favorite one and why?
8.             What was the most memorable experience since you started playing WoW?
9.             How many total deaths of critters do you currently have? What are your thoughts about these creatures since they can battle now with your own Pet collections too.
10.         First word comes in mind when you think about WoW and why?
11.          Warlords of Draenor is coming up soon, its the new expansion everyone is talking about, What are your expectations and why?

I started telling stories from Azeroth December 14, 2010. My human has been writing for years, though, and may return soon to her other issues of note with more diligence.

Here is my favorite image:

 My favorite city is not really a city at all – Azuremyst is home.

Currently I don’t play any other games, unless you count the ones at the Darkmoon Faire. But those are rigged, so unless I am interested in being cheated, I don't visit there much anymore. 

 Here is one of my favorite looks:

I have many sisters, cousins, and friends in Azeroth. My sisters, Zeptepi and Luperci, confuse me somewhat, and they don't understand me either. But we are family, we are blood, and that bond is unbreakable. I have an adopted daughter, Dornaa, whom I love with all my heart, and would readily die to keep her safe. She has had her heartbroken already, and from that, no one is protected. 

My current level of achievement is. 13,000 +/-. I would have to say my favorite is “What a long strange trip,” because that is the one that my friend Kaylyne and I did together, and that friendship is still one of my most cherished. She has left me to serve the Horde, and I respect her decision. Choices made for love are for only us to make.w

Memorable experience: Memory is an odd beast. How does one discern the moments of anguish and ecstasy? We are all foolish enough to think our memories are our own, and yet, 

Critter deaths: Never bothered to count. Hard to feel their little skulls crunching under my hooves.

First word that comes to mind: love - no need to explain that!

I am feeling excited and anxious about Draenor: to see my ancestor’s from their time in history, to seek redemption and reclamation – this is what heroes do. My bond with Nobundo is strong, though, and I rely on his wisdom to see me through.

11 Random Facts About Mataoka:
*She has given her heart away. It has not returned.
*She loves to be rubbed behind her horns, but you better know her very, very well or else get a mace to the face
*She wishes she could live in Azuremyst all the time, and envies mages' abilities to port at will.
*Her fatal flaws are pride and stubbornness
*She prefers cinnamon candy over chocolate
*She believes in generosity
*She keeps a secret stash - of what, it's secret, of where, that's secret too
*She's better than she thinks she is
*Gets angry easily, but forgives easily
*Greatest regret is when her journals burned in a fire.
*Misses Guarf every day.
*Secretly thinks she is wonderful in every way, but wouldn't want to brag

Now - I am to return the favor and nominate other blogs. I think by now most have been given a nod, and I am feeling lazy (actually the human must go to the store before the OLRG, so time is fleeing) so here's Dahahka's blog  - my own Mr. Snerguls when Mr. S is not around. Thanks for all you do, sir!


  1. YaY! you've done it, thanks for sharing all your responses to the questions! and of course the random facts about you, hehe i love how your said about your secrets, since it is a secret more are curious to really what it is. But thats what we all can do lol I think you are wonderful too. The critter count is actually located on your achievement tab i think its in death counts, but its all good just thought to ask that because i do feel guilty killing them lol but still its fun.

    Anyway, I might be late for OLRG tonight, don't know what time exactly you guys are going im PST but the most part I will be home by 4:30 or 5pm PST seeing my doctor today thats why. And since I dont have a ride i am waiting for my room mate to come home to borrow his car or have him drop me off. Anyway, See you guys soon. and thanks again Matty! I appreciate all your responses. <3

  2. I love that screenshot of Mataoka and can totally see why it's her favourite image.


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