Friday, April 4, 2014

Ich bin ein Liebster (Part 1: The Disclaimer)

Amerpriest graciously added me to the list of Liebster-love eons ago in Internet time, and I'm sorry I haven't been able to give it due diligence. In my life, often it's a matter of triage. For example, this is how I left my kitchen yesterday:

It was either clean the kitchen, or get coffee and feed the chinchilla: the chinchilla is in constant danger of becoming a Barbie doll fur coat (JUST KIDDING PETA, jeez) and the coffee, well. You know. And as many of you have read, I cannot work on this blog at work, so there's 9 hours wasted! Stupid job. Giving me a paycheck and personal satisfaction and all that nonsense. I can't even go on websites that describe it, but what I think I'll do is sneak a peek at my phone today and write my answers down on paper.
I'm not sure where my eleven questions are. Maybe Amerpriest gave up on me, and revoked the nomination. I don't blame her. Regardless, the chinchilla thanks her, and anyone else who thought of me, so that's cool. I'll get to it, promise.

I confess I think this blog has been one big Liebster Award to myself. Gads, if there is anything you don't know about me by now…but maybe I still have a few tricks. For instance, did you know I can sing like Aretha Franklin? No, not really. But my soul can.


  1. OMG! It's like we're singing twins! On the inside I sound exactly like Aretha too! When it comes out, yeah, whole different story.

  2. Your title had me excited but I guess I'll have some more waiting to do. Good to see you were nominated multiple times :)

  3. You have a chinchilla? :D awesome! Yay for random facts!

  4. HAHHA! your so funny Matty!!! <3 There are 11 questions for you for sure and glad you found it haha! and the singing lady on that video nice one! Im happy to nominate you. =) Im also glad to join you guys on OLRG so much fun. =)


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