Friday, November 2, 2012

Drabble: Cruel

Ceniza used the Dwarven-carved mortar and pestle with abandonment; it had been a dubiously procured gift. All too often, fire mages pay no heed to the method, but results.  This was especially true of Ceniza. She tossed in leaves, herbs, and with her small but wiry wrist, ground all to choppy pulp. Excited about the new sorcery, she didn’t notice that one of the scarlet gems from the necklace he gave her fell in the mixture. She created a Scroll of Recall, and impulsively conjured a surprise location.

It brought her back to Theramore.

Not all magic is kind magic.

Writer's Note: This really happened. While leveling Ceniza's inscription (I decided to abandon tailoring on her and switch, an expensive but wise move) she clicked on a Scroll of Recall and it brought her directly to Theramore, where all her love was destroyed.


  1. Poor Ceniza, I am so glad I have alts who can visit and all is as it was. Cat saw it once and now avoids Theramore.

  2. I almost cried - I can't believe how cruel that spell was-even if I hadn't given her a backstory, this is awful. I was curious about that, too, if lower level characters could still see it in a "parallel" universe- somehow that makes it even more poignant.


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