Tuesday, November 20, 2012

RTMT: Long day ahead...

Today is one of those 5AM to 9PM days that scrapes me out. There are not enough Wheaties in the world, and though I've never had one, 5-hour energy drinks can apparently kill you. No thanks.

But HEY! Look! This happened yesterday morning: Go Ceniza, go Ceniza!

I don't think of these characters in terms of Level 90s: I think of them in terms of WCFN: Who Can Fly Now. I seriously consider who to level next this context now. And again, this is what I wish, but I know others disagree: for this expansion, if one player gets to 90 and gets flight, then alts do too. I don't need to see the ground terrain the second or third time unless I choose. And I do love my ground mounts. What I don't love is how awful my clothies were before hitting 90. It was bad, real bad.

I doubt today I'll be able to sneak in any writing time, but perhaps. Ceniza looks at me reproachfully every day, and every time she's broken on the rocks in Theramore. But at least now she can fly.


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    1. She is tired of getting plow dirt on her robes and gowns, but alas, she is sitting on the farm for now. Poor thing. She's a city girl at heart!


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