Sunday, November 18, 2012

Robes of Reality

This is dedicated to the real-life responsibilities we all have. This week as we in the States give thanks (yes, I know my Canadian friends - you had your Thanksgiving, but man, no one does it like the States: Hey, thanks for the corn and helping us from starving! Now give us your land!) just take a moment and consider that whatever responsibilities you have are usually tethered to love, family, and friendship.

What are my plans for this Sunday before feasting week? Level Ceniza the Misunderstood to 90, and then go to the grocery store, and then a girlfriend's house for a make-up party. Could use a new lipstick buff. I have a lot of smiling to do the next few days, and need all the help I can get!


  1. Hey! Wait! I came back to have another look at the guy in the tutu! Where'd he go!

    Have fun at your party, it's party time here too but I can't level my Shaman as I'm not allowed to login with company here, geez, doesn't seem fair.

  2. I still feel sick, so decided to stay home, watch the rest of The Hunger Games and now The Shining. The mash-up is almost too much to take. I'm going to keep staring at Prince Tutu Abs in the previous post a bit more too; it's kind of a mental sorbet, cleansing the palette so to speak.

    I will send your shaman mental buff--maybe not as buff as Sir Abs-a-Lot, but you know..we do what we can...


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