Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bubbles Does LFR

Once again, in her terse prose (damn, no one will ever say that about my writing!), I Like Bubbles sums up Looking for Raid: Figure it out or die trying, no loot, and Murphey's Law.

She's right on all three counts. I must admit, my occasional ventures with the new guild and LFR have been pleasant, surprisingly so. But the loot thing: while dusting off neglected Luperci the Benched Tank last night, running through a Well or a Time or a 100-meter dash or something, the demon boss thingy dropped an ax Matty needs. Of course. Of. Flipping. Course. Now, here is my cautionary tale: I had two accounts and had moved Mataoka to the new one. Blizzard warned me I would lose all guild affiliations, which I did. I moved her back to the original account a few days ago, and before I got a chance to explain to my new guild I would need an invite back and why, I found out they were really sad--they like me, they really like me! And, of course I was invited right back, and told the guildmaster about what happens when you change accounts, etc. She had been considering changing accounts, but the thought of not being exalted with her own guild gave her pause. The point of that randomness was I then had to spend a bit figuring out my key bindings again, so no dungeons, no loot, nothing.

The other unforeseen consequence is you also lose all of your key bindings, so that is my tech chore for today, because da-ammmmm, my key bindings were my life-line in play. Lightening bolt! Lightening bolt!

Theme song: Looking for Love

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