Sunday, December 11, 2011


Being a man is tough.

Being a man in the 1950s was tough:
The seafood fest especially frightens me.

Being a man in the 2150s is going to be tougher still:

All right. Have kind of a tough thing to bring up. According to one report, 40% of WoW players are female. Just as there are all kinds of personalities represented by the males of our species, there are various archetypes of the females. One in particular concerns intrigues me, and that is the "damsel in distress." These are the players who typically are not necessarily elite, pro, or have any desire to do much in terms of research, or when they do get advice, shun it with a sweet "hmm-mmm." The on-going victimization works well for them in terms of attention, game time, and fun. And I can't say as I blame these Penelope Pitstops--everyone loves the Daphnes and no one wants the Velmas (being squarely in the Velma camp myself, which has worked pretty well for me. I'd rather have a Shaggy than a Fred any day.) These females see other females on two speeds only: competition or matrons. Sharing in the sandbox with the other skirts is challenging at best.

But caution, all ye males who fall for this: I have an acquaintance, an IT gentleman with whom I work, who told the tale of a friend of his whose father played WoW and pretended to be a girl in order to get things. I realize his shenanigans are not original. But if you're thinking that hot little draenei is fawning over you and your big, strong virtual muscles just because you're hunky, you may want to edit that fantasy just a hair (in a manner of speaking).

"I'll play the victim!" Wednesday Addams: "All your life."

Revised theme song: Self Esteem/The Offspring

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