Thursday, December 8, 2011

Weapons grade.

What the hell kind of crest is this?

*Matty* is desperate for some new weapons. Although comic relief of using the upgraded Tankards of Terror was necessary at the time, the punchline (get it? Punch? like drink punch? punch in the face? get it?) has gotten stale, just like that pun.

I am sitting on (not literally...ouch) four daggers right now. Enhancement Shamans should use maces, or better, axes. I have had this explained to me why. Something to do with my spells, slower speed weapons, and packing more of a punch. If I looked at the upgraded daggers purely from a numbers' perspective, I see all green lights, so that's why I get a little confused. But, my tankards have served me well; however, I need some axes, my weapons of choice. (And I am going to take my favorite Death Knight into the Halls for cool transmog stuff...)

Because I just don't pay attention sometimes, (I mean really: I am swinging two large tankards at seriously can I take myself?!) I should have been praying to the RNGs for Baleroc to drop the Eye of Purification ax.  But alas, that has intelligence on it, and I am a dumb shammy. According to my armory profile, for I have lost count, I have killed that shard-pooping behemoth seven times. What, bro, can't drop an ax for a girl? Whatever. Didn't need it anyway. I did however, need the Gatecrasher. Come on, man...what's a girl gotta do?

Going to do a little more research on what axes, and then maces, I should be saving my landslide enchant materials for (another small complaint: that enchant is not pretty. It leaves dirt all over the floor. I only like pretty enchants, not ones I need to clean up.) Looks like there's a gorgeous on called No'Kaled, The Elements of Death that is made just for me. 

Oh, but this looks interesting: Vial of Shadows. New lipgloss color? Very trendy.

This may be outdated, but it's still funny, and admittedly, love the analogy about Stonecore:

Enhancement Shaman 4.3 MMO-MeltingPot

General 4.3 Quick Advice: Click here

Theme song: Molly Hatchet/Flirting with Disaster*

Oh, Southern Rock...need a large keg of cheap beer and plastic party cup. And a field. Maybe a large linebacker boyfriend. Yikes.


  1. Anonymous9.12.11

    Oh, wow, thanks for that. I see your Molly Hatchet and raise you a Lynyrd Skynyrd.


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