Saturday, December 10, 2011


Read this article in Wired, "9 Awesomely Geeky Spots Where You Must Check In," (and although editorially it should be "Nine Awesomely Geeky Spots Where You Must Check In"), it made me think about nine places I personally feel are my touchstones in Azeroth while leveling a character. And, for the record, even though I use these terms, "alt" and "toon," I still kind of like "character" best. Must be the dork in me. (Get thee to a RP server...I know.)

So, looking over the passports of Haanta, Luperci, and Zeptepi, I realize those characters have been pretty sheltered in terms of their questing and reputations. Even that snooty shaman has some more traveling to do. I feel like I learned my game lesson when it comes to grinding though: don't do it. The push for capping out valor points and getting the "next thing" or all the virtual tickets, tokens, and tithes is still a dangerous sirens' song, but will only lead to drowning in tedium.

I love it when I hear the 'new land discovered' sound and see the little golden yellow typography letting me know what part of the map I have uncovered. Venturing blithely into the Darkmoon Island woods, my only disappointment was that there didn't seem like much more of the world to explore. I naively brought my hunter there to see if she could tame a Darkmoon wolf, but alas, his feral nature could not be overcome by my measly handful of dog biscuits. And, ya know what? Good.

So, I am going to think about my nine places in Azeroth. Off the top of my head I must say just about anywhere in Uldum, but hanging out with the Sons of Hodir would top the list, and some of the beaches in Tanaris. But as far as actual "geek" landmarks versus vacation attractions, I need to give that some thought, those areas that signify to me I just haven't properly been through Azeroth until I do this or that. There are a few dwarfs in Northrend who look forward to seeing me, and certainly more than one bartender. I tip well.

PS Love to know what your "get your geek on" places are, too.

It's 7AM and pitch black outside: do you know where your Winter Solstice is?


  1. Anonymous11.12.11

    I know, it seems so disrespectful to call them toons even though I'd love to type fewer characters.

    I seem to be drawn to places like Tanaris and Uldum. I think it's a reaction to my real life scenery. In real life I'm surrounded by trees, never a horizon in sight.

  2. You're probably like me, too, that you love the trees, but I completely agree--those big sapphire skies--hard to beat. I have a new post about the dark side of the Darkmoon Fair coming to a blog post near you...hope it's not some Scooby-Doo moment and I'm not called some meddling kid.


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