Thursday, December 22, 2011

Conspiracy Theory.

More than a handful?

"I HAD IT IN MY HAND!" my hunter friend shouts--I laugh so much my shoulders shake. Yes, another adventure in LFR. He was reaching and rolling for the Vinshanka, Jaws of the Earth bow.

"Let me guess...lowest dps won it?

"Nope, actually..."

"...fourth lowest. To be fair, it will help him."

Of course.

Now - discussing the derping psychology of Blizz, here is where the conspiracy theory-crafting happens: is there something more than Murphy's Loot Law at work here? Did Blizz somehow stack the decks so that low level performers in LFR would get the loot? Are they truly behaving like crack dealers, breaking bad, and giving the noobs a taste, so they're successful and keep paying their monthly dues? Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me (nods at Woody Allen).

Now, I was thinking (I do that sometimes) last night that one thing that would really be, interesting (?) is to only allow those who are top activity performers in their class during LFR roll on loot. Talk about a true competition. No kicking allowed - just focus on performance only. If players heal at the same output, then all may roll on healer gear, for example, or if there are more than one hunter, but all the dps is within a margin in order to be allowed to even roll on a bow, or warriors and hunters on guns. Since we're already in competition for loot anyway, why not make it more interesting? Every one has off days, are trying to do better, etc. I'm not suggesting this happen in every LFR, but a "King of the Mountain" sort of option would give this an edge that has been lacking in the past.

Just a thought.

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