Saturday, December 24, 2011

Love and Death(s) in Northrend

Rökkr, with the grand help of two very dear friends, got carried to level 68 today: that is an especially sweet milestone in a character's progress. Let me be straight: I have no idea what the hell I am doing as a rogue. Stabby-stab-stealth-stealth. A young elite rogue reviewed my action bar and spells and shook his head in disgust, grumbling something about the uselessness of sinister strike. Fortunately, I have a few things going for me: I am kind of smart, and I have very good friends who have rogues of renown.

Rökkr stays at the same lodging as the others...clean sheets, chocolates on the pillow and turn-down service.

Now the real work begins, and choices to be made. The quest line in Northrend is rumored to have been reduced 30% with Patch 4.3, so I hope this is true. Just leaving Outlands and seeing all of the bright yellow "!" everywhere made me feel a bit guilty. But I paid my game dues with leveling Mataoka, and a little reduction in effort until I get to level 80 and that boring grind from 80-85 begins, I'm going to enjoy my time in the great Northrend. Got a little overexcited and the second I stole borrowed gold from the guild bank and purchased Cold Weather flying, I fly to dangerous zones and tried to pick the daisies. Made a few trolls very grumpy, but it was fun trying (dying, but fun). Snuck past some of them, and plucked a few.

So, a rogue for Christmas - thank you my friends. Now just try to find her!

Where I was directed for help: Shadow Panther

Theme song: TMBG/Spy
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