Friday, May 24, 2013

As luck would have it...

I have a lot to say about the nature of 'luck.' But not right now. I want to show off my ponies. One job that I've always coveted is that of "lipstick and fingernail polish namer." So, since I don't have that job, I can do the next best thing.

Luck of the Warlock! The last one hatched!

Ceniza has been very lucky with her Primal Raptor Eggs in LFR. She "allowed" the warlock to test drive them this morning (not that Azratrax the Voidwalker didn't take her keys or anything...oh no...)

"Bodacious Black"

"Giddy-up Green"

and last but not least, "Don't Stand in the Fire Red!"
Wish for next patch: Being able to name our mounts.

Theme song: Junior Brown/Highway Patrol


  1. Anonymous24.5.13

    Congrats on owning the set. That's a great set of names and I would love to name some of my mounts.

    1. I just have to remind myself that some things in game have not been hard, or frustrating, or silly - just fun. As it should be. Wouldn't it be cool to name our mounts? I don't see why not, since we can name pets. Maybe that's in the works for a future time. The other dream I have is that our account can access all of the mounts, including specialty race mounts and crafted ones. If I can't have my wish on specialty class mounts, then the next best thing is that all classes have a special mount, not just paladins, death knights, warlocks, and I suppose druids if one counts being a beautiful bird. Shamans should have a wolf mount, priests an ethereal steed, monks - do monks get one? ...mages: flying mortar & pestel, rogues....warriors....hmmm...who am I forgetting?

      Damn, late for work! Need suggestions - will travel!

  2. Well hey! You are lucky! I only have one but luckily it was my favorite the black one so I'm even lucky, lol.

    1. Damn maybe I should go buy that lottery ticket or bet on the ponies...


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