Friday, May 31, 2013

Moments of Grace, Walks of Shame, Infamy and Hope: A Day In the Life of Matty

Damn, Tome got the word out about prancing. Okay, scratch that idea. What else, what else...?

Rifles through files...comes up with:

Yes, a reference to David Hasselhoff!
Quick! Someone call PETA! Those sharpeis are in danger!
Next: Add-Ons:
Yes, yes that is a lit-up gnome lantern in the background. Why do you ask?
These are the best add-ons ever. Sticky Notes. Yup.

Let's see...hmmm...

Should I talk about the other night I was at a concert for three hours and there was a tuba solo? And I was sitting on the floor? And then I got up and started prancing (see above) because I couldn't take it anymore? Had a hysterical laughing fit and had to open my purse and spit out my laughs in it so I wouldn't cause a fuss and everything.

Should I talk about yesterday morning when one of "those meetings" came to a cataclysmic ending and I yelled at a pregnant lady? Um. So proud. So very proud. And professional! I had stereo hormonal women, both in a lot of physical and emotional pain, and crazy across the table, and it was the Bermuda Triangle of Meeting Hell (mix metaphors much, Matty?) She yelled first, all I can say. I can take a punch, but sometimes I fight back.

Maybe I'll talk about the things I do for love? The hours and sacrifices we all make, including tuba solos of other mothers' sons.  Or maybe I'll just talk about how Blizzard came through and did the final fix for Ceniza:

And maybe I'll name this pet "Bermuda," to remind me to stay calm at all times. I really need to keep my inner fire mage in the box.

What will today bring? Who knows?! Always an adventure. I know it's starting off right - late for work, and a boss who notices. Party on, Wayne! Party on, Garth! But I AM THE HORDEBREAKER BEOTCHES! No one hassles the Ceniza!


  1. Anonymous31.5.13

    Oh geez what was the reason for that photo Hoffman?

    1. The Hoff don't need a reason, but thank goodness he didn't mistake them for cheeseburgers.

  2. OMG! Puppies! Look out! Run! I hope today goes better at work. It takes literally years to piss me off so you can imagine how all those pent up years look when they do come out. Not pretty, lol.

    Yay! You Hordebreaker you! I'm prancing for you!

    1. Yes I am definitely more of the flashpoint type if anger, the flipside is when it's over it's done. Too bad it leaves scorched earth!

      I am having that sense of being overwhelmed again in game--but much more positive. It's all fun with happy surprises. Maybe that was Blizzard's plan all along, to entertain us with contrast!

  3. Anonymous2.6.13

    Lol, my montitor has those stickies on it to, 'go to the festival', 'use your roll on x boss' etc.
    That is one seriously scary photo of the Hoff, what the heck was he thinking? And grats on your title, it looks great :)
    Hope your day goes well.

    1. Sticky-notes are the BEST. Update easily, informative, and in-your-face! I think that photo is proof that there was a lot of cocaine in Hollywood in the 80s.


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