Saturday, May 4, 2013

Permanent Ink.

Sometime this past week, I found my future tattoo:

Tim Burton Draws Pokemon

I read in a comment that these are actually how Edward Gorey would have drawn Pokemon, which I thought was blazing true: Edward Gorey's influence on Tim Burton is obvious. And you know what else I think? That's awesome. Artists --hate to break the news--are mortal. How sad would our world be if a singular artist and writer like Edward Gorey spoke no more, unless someone like a wacky Tim Burton took up his vision, and then made it his own? You're probably thinking now I am a huge fangirl of Tim Burton. Kind of. I still can't forgive him for the jet-pack penguins in Batman. Can't. Won't. And Shouldn't. But I digress.

But artists copy one another, mimic, and steal, borrow, and beg for inspiration. We can't help it. I'm not comparing myself to the late, great Edward Gorey, nor the current Mr. Burton. But no idea is born in a vacuum. I love collaborating with Navi, and nearly every post Tome inspires me, too. When I saw the Tim Burton Pokemon drawings, and then read Tome's post about her unlovable SWTOR pet, how could I not think of ugly dog contests?
Be very cautious in clicking on 'ugly dog' images. Very. Careful.

Recently a young squire I know, who is reaching for a biochem/chem double major, recently posted on Facebook something about Science taking a day off, and not working at all. My comment back was "Does it call a temp service? Gets Magic on the job?" (Thumbs Up Like! I'm validated!) Besides thinking of myself as very clever, my mind started wandering (if you see it, will you please tell it to call home? It owes me rent money...) and I thought of all the occasions when things that should work don't. Maybe that is where Magic, Superstition, and Faith step in: the trifecta of Mojo. I think about this stuff all the time -- the uncomfortable gap between what we humans are reaching for with knowledge, and the what is forever out of reach.

This weekend is going to be so gorgeous - one of those weekends that makes up for all the drippy, rainy, cold days, like a bonus check or a debt paid, with interest. I decided I had to, right now, this day, clean off some bookshelves and clean out my work area. Now. Right now. Oh wait, did my queue just pop?
One of his friendlier messages...
So while I'm in Azeroth, in the Magic place. I'll be in the Practical place of sorting through the drawers and closest of Flotsam and Jetsam, the notarious twins of unruly belongings.

This is what my pile of books from one small shelving unit looks like now. (There will only be a "Before" image. Don't hold your breath for the "After.")
See that book on top? The Big Words one? Haven't read it through, but it has words like "acculturation." Man, if you can't find inspiration on that, I can't help you.
Been catching up on one of my guilty pleasures, too, the Mad Men series. I know it's transparent, obvious, they drink and smoke too much, and we the audience are allowed to feel smug because we know more about the characters' inner neurosis than they do themselves, I get it. It struck me again my and Guarf's running tally at who would be who in Azeroth, and Joan is clearly, undeniably a Draenei:
Peggy: Human female rogue?
Thank you, Joan's character, for depicting a full-figured woman in this anemic, "please for the love of God give that woman a sandwich" world. Just read the most disgusting story about model talent scouts haunting an eating disorder clinic in Sweden for new models. I am not going to link it. Bastards.

Oh, and if you have time, please go cheer on Zwingli. There are terrible Bureaucrataurs trying to ruin his mission.
Thank goodness in Azeroth we only have Auction House fees. 
Hey! Look at that! My Mind is back! And it brought coffee--oh mind! I love you!

That Pokemon/Burton tattoo? Just kidding. I'm not even that much into Pokemon. But I still do like mermaids, and this is my real future tattoo:

Pat Fish, artist
Well, it will be if I'm brave enough to tell my mom.

We need more naga pets.

Damn -- look! Naga aren't original with WoW? Learn something every day.
Naga King Dasavatara Temple
And we need more tattoos.

Maybe not.


  1. Love the mermaid. I'm toying with the idea of a firebird trailing feathers across my shoulder blade.

    You reminded me, I need to build my Edmund Gorey Dracula set. I bought it in my misspent teens and it's still sitting in it's box on a bookshelf :(

    1. Erinys, I have missed you!! Now I am thinking where can I get this ink on my personal person so that my mother will never see it, and I am also wondering if there are any other types of teen years other than misspent? Okay, this Halloween: out of the box it shall be!

      The firebird sounds beautiful - I won't tell your mum if you won't tell mine, deal?

  2. Now that was a lesson in meandering. You really never do know where matty will take us today on her blog!

    1. Poor C.D. Rogue - he has to live with this. Say a prayer, okay Navi?

  3. First, I've got to ask you if you do this too, it drives my husband nuts but weirdly he's getting better at it. Do you resume a conversation that took place 5 or six hours ago as though it had never stopped, I do, just wondered, I was hoping I'm not the last of the species, lol.

    And at the risk of revealing just how old I am, I'd get a tattoo and not even care what my mother said. I'm that old! I want one but I can't figure out the best place to put it so in a few years it won't be all baggy and stuff.

    1. I'm afraid no matter how old--I will never be an age where I don't hide a thing or two--

      And yes--absolutely, positively, I do that too. I am the Queen of Stay With Me, and my sovereign realm is the Land of Non Sequitors. Its population consists of Straw Men and we feast on red herrings.

      Look at Kallixta's idea about henna....hmmmm

  4. My first night's conversation with my (future at the time) spouse meandered like this, but in the two-player version. We called it "Digression", as like Tome we might return to a prior snippet hours later.

    We also categorize conversations as "Golf" where we'd take turns, but each hitting our own ball, and "Tennis" where there'd be a single ball that we'd volley between ourselves.

    And don't underestimate the joy a henna tattoos! Its ephemeral nature allows for experimentation and you don't have to live with mistakes for long!

    1. Henna?! Of course! I know a very talented henna artist, so perhaps next weekend she'll be up to a little mermaid experimentation -- she just had surgery, but it's all about me, right? She can do this while recuperating.

      That conversational style sounds awesome. CD Rogue and I enjoy analyzing media, all kinds. We're a regular Siskel and Ebert, God rest their souls. No wonder I loved the old series Connections series with James Burke. It all makes sense to me-- - those in my world just have to keep up!

    2. Henna tattoos are not that difficult, even doing it on yourself. Ankles allow easy experimentation. Trying to do your own wrist one-handed just needs more practice. My daughter's Girl Scout troop enjoyed this on campouts! Some girls were much better artists, but any 8 year old could manage it.

      We both loved 'Connections'. We rewatched it with the kids recently and discovered it hadn't aged as well as we hoped.


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