Sunday, May 5, 2013

Into the woods.

I told a dear friend we would meet at 9 for breakfast: on one hand, I have really missed her, and it's beautiful, and there is far too much to do in Azeroth, always, and the Real World is chastising me for spending too much time there yesterday. But I really want to go to Azeroth, too. Instead of logging on and doing my 'chores,' I checked email first, and like bad news on a doorstep, my dear blogger friend, Erinys, let us know that Sprout has run off to join the Faire.

Okay: stop right there. I am prone to 'flip and irreverant' behavior (as one potential employer told me) and this is not striking the right tone. When I read her post, Swan Song, I started crying. I think of Erinys out there, talented, creative, and doing very hard work. (I don't know exactly what she does, but it doesn't matter the job title, what matters are her descriptions of doing a very difficult job with people who need her: I understand that all too well.)

She's the one who introduced me to the Graphics Fairy,  love of virtual hunter pets, and oh, did I mention her gift of writing? 

Here was my message to her, which I am posting here as a reminder to myself to get busy writing. I can write outside as well as in, and perhaps I should. Paper travels well, and so do laptops, and getting away from Azeroth would be healthy.

There is a fire mage named Ceniza who haunts the outskirts of the Faire, trying to forget a lost love, and spends an inordinate amount of time with Rona Greenteeth –coincidence?–
I will try to get a message to Ceniza to keep on eye out for stalwart Sprout, but it is my sense that Sprout is more than capable of taking care of herself, and it will be Ceniza who will need tending to. Fire mages are by nature, very selfish, and only think in terms of how life’s twists of fate affect them. She will be expecting you. (The Ash Witch)
As to Mrs.Whitworth: she is looking at me so reproachfully as I scramble to clean out notes and scribbles. I can’t stand it much longer.

Erinys: please stop by for a visit once in awhile. I'll have tea.


  1. I know, I was selfishly upset when I read her post and at the same time happy for her. I will never, ever, go to the Faire again without doing a round through the woods, checking for Sprout. Rona and I will then share a Forsaken Foie Gras and reminisce with stories of Erinys.

    Mrs. Whitworth where have you gone?

  2. I wouldn't worry. I'm like Edward Gorey's "the Doubtful Guest" in that not only do I like lying inconveniently close to doors whilst reading but that getting rid of me is remarkably hard :p

    Also tea is my own personal version of catnip.


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