Sunday, May 12, 2013

Drabble: Mother's Love

Even rogues have mothers.

“You know, sonny boy, I wasn’t always this way. Before the Stonemason’s Uprising, I had a heart, ya know. I had big dreams for you, lad. Big and grand. You were goin’ to be a captain in the king’s army, or an innkeeper. Respectable work. Not some filching rogue slumming the docks of Booty Bay. It’s not too late son. You’ve never disappointed me—just veered off the wrong path. Couldn’t be helped. Now be off with ye: take these crates to the man with the black hat. He’ll know what to do.”


“What? Time’s wasting.”

“I love you.”

The Egg Thief

Know how I think it would be awesome to spend a Mother's Day? Go to Hooters for free food! Free BAD food! And see how young waitresses to whom gravity has not cursed yet feel about their abundant buoyancy versus most mothers' lack thereof. Hey, but free is free. 

Happy Mother's Day, to one and all - want to be moms, grandmoms, moms, and those who have a mom, and especially those who have faces that only a mom could love. 


  1. Oh no! How did you know? Did you see me? Thank goodness my mom still loves me in spite of the face.

    Happy Mother's Day!

    Everyone thinks they'll defy gravity, hahaha, they'll see!

    1. Gravity -- a necessary evil. And of course your mother loves you! Silly Tome.

  2. Anonymous12.5.13

    I've often wondered with so many time zones how long you could get a special event to last. It's no longer Mothers Day here but it's interesting to see how many hours Mother's Day could last around the world.

    Should try this for one's birthday or New Years sometime... although it would also be a really tiring trip :P

    1. That's a great idea! Maybe we can plan something for New Year's - I always love watching the fireworks around the world...


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