Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Okay, so, yeah. The Longest Day temporarily broke my mage. It's true. I'm not sure when I tried to do this, the whole weekend is such a blur, but when I went to continue Ceniza's journey, when I got to the Old Man Seer quest, she broke.

Let's do a brief post mortem, shall we?
Talk to the, THE Troll! (WTB Flyswatter)

Is it getting hot in here? 
 Oh, cough, um, sorry, back to the troll:

Damn, it's good to be a gangster.

Sully ain't the fullest mug in the pub sometimes, is he?

Fluxfire Secret Agent Cat

Old Man Seer quest: cool!  Could use some new shoes...
Did quest. Did it again. Did it again, Did it again. Completed it.

What? Where? What happened?

Put in a ticket. Got advice about ten hours later. Do this thing with this, some /jumpupthreetimes go to WTF folder (so aptly named) and dance naked in the moonlight. Did that fix it?

No. In fact, when I followed the steps the first GM gave me, every time I logged back into Ceniza my screen froze down shut and I had to do hard reboots. Not cool. After three more GM exchanges, and about a day or so, we got it fixed. So I am not joking when I say Blizzard broke my mage. Fortunately, they did fix her, and gave her her pet battle stone, which is being kept in a secret off-short location until I get the Unborn Valk'yr pet. It'll happen. Sure. Sure it will.

BUT - there is always a silver lining. Because mage broke, and I saw my friend Kaylyne putting up her leatherworking skills in trade, I perused her fine wares and found this robe for Momokawa, who's been in hibernation for months. Stupid climate change!

I had all the materials except the spirits of harmony, and she gladly made it for me with a wink and a promise. Now Momo could get into heroics! Hooray! I have really missed druid healing.

First heroic:

No one but me and the rogue left standing, and finished off the first boss.

Boosted by this confidence, I tried another, and ended up getting a lot of advice, in Spanish, about how to be a druid:

My friend Señor translated the little I had time to ask, so first line: Is this your first druid? I'm asking with all due respect.

And there's something about green leaves.

I appreciate the advice in any language, to be sure. And yes, it is my first druid. And my last. And where did I leave that hibernation den? I think I hear a baby bear cub calling my name....

Ah well. Al menos mi mago vuelve a funcionar.


  1. Wow, spanish? At least there are smily faces on it! It can't be terrible... right?

    1. At first I thought he was telling me I was the best Druid he had ever met. But alas, just tips to save mana I am sure. He was calling me a noob in the nicest way possible: some things don't need translation!

  2. Your CRZ group of servers is much more interesting than mine. I feel like I'm in the Southpark group. Maybe he was offering you some Green Tea Leaves ... or not, can't figure that out. He say something helps a lot.

    I did the longest day today and tried to start a ticket online and that was bugged too, kept hitting next and remaining right where I was. I'm getting the feeling they don't want to hear from me, lol.

    1. Dios mio! Persistence is key; at one point I was like give me my damn boots. But nicer than that. Of course. :)

  3. That is too cool. From what I can understand, always life bloom the tank, use the wild mushroom:bloom and use the button that looks like a leaf when it is free to save mana :)
    High school Spanish FTW!

    I really love that you added in that bit of the Steamy romance novel. Someone at Blizzard has a bright future writing smutty novels (hopefully under a pseudonym!)

    1. That last page - whoa! That would be the best job at Blizz, bar none. Hooray for high school Spanish! I just thought it was sweet he/she kept speaking even though all I said was 'hola!'


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