Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Return of the Awesomesauce

Valor Points dropping like piñata candy. Pet battles of epic proportions. Loot drops for your main spec?  Just click on your portrait, yo! Patch 5.3 may have gotten it right.

But-- the clicking on portrait thing....well...this will teach me to do real life things and not read patch notes. I had heard that one can choose the potential gear drops for any spec. I assumed (and we ALL KNOW what happens when we assume, right?) that this magical spec choice would be a new UI thing, and schwing! The loot choice would just appear to me! What? No? It didn't? Try a coin, see what happens...maybe the choice happens then? No?

Time to actually read how this works:


Tome posted some blog links, and you know how I am...if it's blogged, I must link it. Check out her comprehensive additions here. It's okay Tome, I know I've let you down. Mrs. Whitworth is squashed under a pile of real life responsibilities right now, having the time of her life, while I drudge forward another day. No writing time at work, no writing time in the morning, and only enough time to play a bit and spend time with CD Rogue before he leaves me for Sandra Bullock. (Yes, she's the one. Her, and Anne Hathaway. Ugh.) It's *sniff* okay, Tome, that you read *sniff sniff wipe boogers* others blogs.

My Internet was down this morning, so I---unloaded the dishwasher. Did my familial duties. And am waiting to go to work. My time is more chopped up than a Cuisinart with a paper cut. Even today I have something to do, somewhere to be, from 6:45 am to 8:45 pm. But maybe...maybe I can go sneak in a fishing daily now...

...see you soon...


  1. My husband's was Catherine Deneuve a million years ago but since I looked and she's 69 now I think I'm safe.

    I will wait as patiently as a cat for Mrs. Whitworth, I know how that stupid rl is always interfering. I don't know why we all can't just win the lottery so we could get about the business of doing what we want instead of what we must. Oh ... I never buy tickets, might be my problem, lol.

  2. I can't believe how dumb I was not to read. But hey, guess what!?! Still BAGS OF GOLD. Lottery tickets, here I come!


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