Sunday, February 27, 2011

Demanding satisfaction: Dueling, losing, and the hidden talent of tenacity

Just when Mat thought it was safe to go back in the dungeon, she first sought the advice of a trusted friend. Much gold, gem socketing, and rearranging of gear later, she is redone, again. And on the advice of this council, will be redone several times. She is still working on getting her DPS over the minimum consistently (that's the key), and being stripped down and modified was painful but effective. She still has a way to go, but needs to go work a bit to fill up the coffers again. Makeovers are expensive.

To test her new agility, dueling commenced. She lost. But not as fast as she normally does, which she will take as a positive. In her good nature, and keeping her sense of humor, she kept getting back in the ring as long as the flag was posted. And she will try again. Right now she's going to lie down on some scratchy Dwarven rugs and get some sleep. And see maelstrom strikes and lava lashes in her dreams.

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