Saturday, February 12, 2011

Not a spectator sport...

Mataoka enjoys a bag of Hot Cheetos near Stormwind Keep while World watching...

There is a lot of downtime in the World. Waiting for queues, flight paths, boats, battlegrounds and questing friends: more time is spent not doing things than doing them sometimes. Being a patient shammy, I rarely tap my hoof and cross my arms -- I just let it flow. The human, though, is a tad more restless. There are piles of things to be done in the real world. And while I, Mat, get labeled Away Away while those chores, duties, responsibilities are managed, my ever-curious side-to-side looks are a subtle yet powerful force and pull on the humans. We want them to play, and this is how we let them know:

The Humans: 
Males: They must have all suffered a sports injury to their shoulders in high school, they are all periodically rotating their shoulders, in desperate need of a hot pad or ice. 
Females: That sigh. That damnable sigh. (Males sigh, too.) But when the female humans sigh, it's kind of a downer; perhaps they should take a cue from their elf friends and be a bit more, sporting about the whole thing?

The Elves:
Males - tend to be a bit distracted, gazing about the room: are they following the path of an invisible bee?
Females: the athletic type, (maybe in need of a good sports bra,) jump up and down, ready for anything; exuberant, cheerful, and eager to go...

Males: Though they look side to side as the females do, it's not nearly as pixie-ish, in my opinion, or cute as the Draenei females. 
Females: While riding or waiting, they whip their cute faces (if I do say so myself) OVER this way and then OVER that way, as if to ask, "Hey, did I miss anything? These horns are affecting my peripheral vision!" 

The Dwarfs: Both males and females are a bit more grounded, but I can't help but wonder if they get wedgies when they run...

The swaying hips, the can-do attitude - if you don't have a gnome for a friend, go home.

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