Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dirty (Dungeon) Dancing (Or, no one puts baby in a corner)


Get your headgear out of the Dalaran sewers: It's all in good fun.

This post is dedicated to all those comical players out there who make me laugh, not cry, in dungeons. Their schtick is polished and comedic timing flawless. Something must be in the air lately, because almost every single dungeon my hunter has gone through this past week has been nothing but a love fest. Last night, for example: the dwarf tank on Haanta's sixth or sixtieth (lost count) trip through the Nexxus, was no exception. Aside from gently teasing the Montreal druid, n'est-ce pas, this spunky shawty had it goin' on a la Cee Lo. Deftly running us through the bug-infested dungeon, (Old Kingdom School style), he set the tone and mood from the start. By the time the party entered the Nexxus, promises of naked tanking were made: and kept. (The surprise appearance of him sans gear took us all by surprise, but dang if he didn't tank that mob!)

(Dwarfs wear boxers, not briefs, by the way, in case you were curious.)

Not wanting to overexert the healer's mana supply, nor catch pneumonia, he put his gear back on (whew), but Haanta was so distracted from laughing, she forgot to take off aspect, and that resulted in some problems for the group. Tank had it under control, and all was forgiven. 

Other PUGs/runs resulted in shared gear, good communication, fair play, and general camaraderie. (In contrast, there was one run where no one said a word. Perhaps no one spoke the common language, or perhaps they were just tired, but it made for a lonely run.) Perhaps like anything, when we take ourselves too seriously, groups get gunky. 

Maybe when we say 'walk in the light,' we're really telling you: Sha-ten Up.

Lost in translation: http://www.wowwiki.com/Draenei_(language)
File this under really bad plots: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dirty_Dancing

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