Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Going solo.

Playing in the world is only truly fun with friends. Need to chat? Call up your gnome mage. She'll give you the latest gossip (how does she know all this?!). Need to laugh? No better soul than a dwarf tank. And if one should need council, a mature druid is best (as a healer said the other day, young bear tanks make them nervous). And of course, when one needs a shoulder to cry on, who to reach for? Well, no one better than a shaman. Unless, like me, she's a Draenei, then you may need a step-ladder to reach her pauldrons. 

I never want my human counterpart to take the (digital) magic for granted. Laughing when a friend turns into a plant, having my breath taken away by a leap-of-faith spell, or gazing at stars over Storm Peaks, it is a beautiful UI world after all. But, the real life world is serious and important. There is real work to be done. In Azeroth, there is no real stopping place, no finite goal that can be reached --it's always just one more quest, one more valor point, one more piece of gear; it becomes more strict Confucianism and less Buddhism by the Stormwind minute. 

When the humans need to do other things, and sharing the grind of dailies, battles, and dungeons becomes a 'table for one' activity, the flavor gets a little bland. Time for a short break. I'll pack my frostweave bags lightly.

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