Friday, February 18, 2011

It's just common sense...

Sometimes Mat does some pretty stupid stuff.

Like, today for example: Not releasing after a wipe when she was face-down, on the glass, close to the boss.

She did ask -- because sometimes, healers have gotten their wands bent out of shape when a player releases  prematurely, so to avoid this, she did...politely....ask.

What she got for her good manners was oh whole lot of "you're too stupid to rez" attitude.

She released. She ran back, (in ghost wolf form, or as the salty dwarf described in another euphemism she won't repeat), got back in the fight, did her DPS best, (which wasn't too shabby), and conquered the big mean genie, who thinks he lives on a glass fortress, but we all know it's really just a Kenmore dryer. Maybe even a Whirlpool Maytag?

Mat can be quite a stormy shaman herself. Quick to anger, but just as easily soothed and calm. Realizing when to bite her tongue doesn't come easy for her: she will continue to ask questions. How the responder responds, well, is up to them. It is in that moment of truth the true heroes come out in the wash.

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