Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Trader's Remorse.

Mat, Mat, Mat....when will you EVER learn? Please don't be swept up in the moment so much that your generous nature and spirit overwhelm your good sense!

Last night, while bouncing on the giant water-bed-Playboy-Mansion-grotto-pool that is the Throne of Tides, (by far the most stunning of dungeons, even if it does smell a little fishy), she needed or greeded a trinket. It was pink and shiny. And she needs better trinkets, to be sure. She won it. Not sure if it was soulbound or not - think so.

Tank, in tank-speak, bluntly reminds our fearless Mat that the trinket is designed well, for tanks. (Which is true - tanks don't lie, generally speaking.)

So, she quickly offered to trade it up, not bothering to ask anyone else in their group if they had an off-spec need of a dodge trinkety-thingy. What really caused her the most remorse was that her new healer friend took up her side, and tried to buoy her up, and gently, politely, remind the group that the tank had gotten another epic ring, something about a whale...

To be fair, the tank gave her a chestguard in return, which will be a good place to start when she starts (cough) her restoration spec. (But we all know that isn't going to happen: she'll make it rain, and do a chain heal once in awhile, but doesn't plan on drinking Bactine for mana potion any time real soon.)

She reminded herself of a time, when she was still learning and all nooby, and a kind player realized he had gotten some mail leggings that would be perfect for her spec, and promptly gave them to her at the end of the dungeon. Those leggings have longed been cleaned out of the bank, but the kind gesture lives on.

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