Thursday, February 24, 2011

The REAL Stats:

This is a suggestion for a new Stat column that really should be added, and would be the most revealing about a player's true skills:


  • Arrogance: Over cap on arrogance can make for some lonely play time when we all tell you to go farm yourself
  • Confidence: A very positive stat: hit the cap on confidence, and make sure not to reforge arrogance or hubris by mistake.
  • Hubris: Extreme arrogance: Don't post the recount scores after every fight. 
  • Generosity: Usually seen in healers - don't know why you do this, but we love you for it.
  • Friendliness: Ready to help noobs? Good on you.
  • Humor: the most important stat of all; without it, wiping is certain, and sad frowny faces all 'round
  • Flirtatiousness: Not sure why this is a problem. /hug
  • Neediness: Understanding social nuances and cues about party groupings is important. 
  • Ninja-ness: Like to need unnecessary loot? Whatever. Instant karma's gonna get you. (Give my hunter her bow, you no-talent a** clown)*
  • Moodiness: Feeling a bit emo? Cheer up. Really. Cheer the flip up.
  • Talk/Chatter: Over-share: not good; under-communicating: equally problematic
  • Background Knowledge: Having some knowledge of the game and play +20
  • Applicable Knowledge: Having some knowledge of the game and knowing when to apply it to new situations: +25
  • Curiosity: A very positive trait, especially when working out new strategies and using one's brain power instead of sheer brawn.
  • Risk Taking: Same as curiosity, but with more added overall damage

Oh, I could go on--I've capped out a few of these already. Maybe it's time to see the reforger again.


*No Talent A** Clowns : Another good guild name?

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