Saturday, October 27, 2012

1000: This one goes out to the ones I love...

Once upon a time, I used to be a fairly decent party planner. I would work tirelessly to make sure the food and booze plentiful, the toilets were scrubbed, the guest towels fresh, and toilet paper hanging waterfall-over, not under by the wall. But these days, my Martha-Stewart-Mojo has gone by the wayside, and I'm lucky if I remember to even buy toilet paper, much less OCD-worry about its position on the spindle. (Cocktails on hand, however, still apply.) Point being, I saw this 1000th post coming up, and have been drafting it in my head for a bit; however, not sure it's going to be as spectacularrlllll as I would have wanted. Whatever I write cannot possible capture what I feel.

But I'll give it a shot.

This blog become a way of sending messages in bottles to friends in game, and to myself. They were messages and correspondence to the characters, make-believe, and the characters of friends I have made along the way.

Kay: You are amazing. You are a strong young woman, you are brave, and true. From the moment we became friends over the Thanksgiving achievements, you've stayed a true friend.

Guarf: I miss you.

Turk: your mentorship on shaman healing and anything game-wise is amazing, and never--and this is a biggy--patronizing. You have always treated me like a great friend, which I consider you, too!

Ran: When I was really trying to figure things out, you were always quietly there. I think you got a kick out of compulsive alt-leveling. Your tried and true focus on two difficult classes however, is admirable; however, your kind friendship supersedes Azeroth.

Xak: Mr. Smartypants Esq. -- I look forward to our conversations. Even if I do cheat and write crib notes.

Con: You are so damn funny. And thanks for thinking I am one of the "good guys." I am. And you are, too.

Tome, Navi, Bear, and Erinys: In no way am I "lumping" you together. Your insights have motivated, inspired, delighted, and amazed me more than I can say. If I write another word, it's because I know you're out there reading. You have no idea how much this means to me.

To my lost paladin friend: thanks for your patience and inspiration, too.

JD: thanks for sharing your family, time, and friendship. Cymre, thanks for keeping me on my toes and showing us the beauty and grace of Azeroth.

Señor: To the best friend I will never know: See that fan with Zep? To the world in Azeroth, every one else would just see an inscription off-hand weapon. What they don't see is one of the most generous, funny, and loyal friends a person could have. The world could take a lesson from you, my dear friend.

Just play - it's a fun game.

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PS  I will never think of Hello Kitty the same way again. Thanks, Navi.


  1. I don't mind being lumped with Erinys and Tome, I highly admire them. Just like I highly admire you :) Congrats on 1k posts.

    1. Thanks, Navi - thanks for keeping me inspired!

  2. Here's to one thousand more! I check here every morning with coffee and then come back later when I'm on a proper communication device. I would be bereft without my Matty posts!

    1. Though I am planning on trying NaNoWriMo in November, I see many a drabble and hopefully a short story or two. Those are the most engaging things to write, and it heartens me to imagine there is a beautiful Night Elf out there with her loyal companions, coffee, and reading these silly (mis)adventures!

  3. Anonymous28.10.12

    Oh WOW, 1000 posts!

    Big Congrats to you and thx so much for including me in your list of thank yous :D

    1. Well, sure! Your blog is chock-full of style and great information, and always inspires!


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