Tuesday, October 16, 2012

RTMT: Ya'll done that wrong

Zeptepi tried to take this elite on by herself...almost....well, not really

Back in the day, CDR (cross-dressing rogue) had a boss who would have his minion return work that was not satisfactory to him and his co-worker with the Southern-drawl, "Ya'll done that wrong." Over the past few days, I've heard that repeatedly in my head, that "I've done it wrong."  Everything I wasn't "supposed" to do since the expansion to prepare for some nebulous "goal" is what I did, and everything I should have been doing has eluded me like coming up with a perfect zinger in Trade Chat.

There have been some great blog posts of late, which, if I actually had the time instead of trying to feed baby dragons, would be of immense help to me:




Oh wait! There are more-I promise! I am running late and have to go do stuff! In the meantime....

Nod to Xak for this video: John Mulaney/Doing Nothing


  1. Loved the video, he understands me, I'll have to show it to my mother. I always get a disappointed sniff of reproval when asked what exciting thing I did over the weekend and I answer nothing.

    Poor Zep, at least it was someone of merit who downed her unlike Cat who was done in by worms.

    1. Those worms and hornets are stoned-cold bastards: see how they like it when we're level 125! That'll show 'em!


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