Friday, October 5, 2012

I like turtles.

With scenes like this, I know I have hours of just 'being in my own head."

Well, in studying the nature of conflict, or rather, the nature of resolution, there are several paths. Understand that "resolution" does not equate "happy ending." Nope.

To name a few:
1. Reclamation
2. Retribution
3. Compromise
4. The problem takes care of itself.

I'm sure I have the others on a Power Point somewhere. I know I do. It's pretty spiffy. Anyway, #4: the problem takes care of itself. Let's analyze that one, shall we?

So, all my sturm und drang the other night swiftly took a backseat to real life. Not bad real life. Just real life. The little faces in my world looked at me and though they did not directly tell me, "Matty: we need you. You have no business trying to break your neck to you can try out for the raid team, or devote that many sequential hours to this hobby" (boy, that would be a mouthful) they told me in other ways. And being the superlative communicator I am, decided to use those super powers for true good, not evil, and let the other heroes in Azeroth take over for a while.

But it did make me upset. Fortunately, I had a good friend on line, and told him that I had to tell my RL I couldn't (not wouldn't, not shouldn't, but couldn't) raid. (Insert sounds of glass breaking here.) He seemed disappointed, and I am sure it was sincere, but maybe he thought, "Oh thank you jeebus, got rid of THAT one!) My friend, though, he completely understood my simultaneous feelings of sadness and relief, because he had to make that decision a few years ago. He assured me he had gotten in plenty of raiding in through PUGs and other player contacts, so if that is something I wanted to do, it's out there. RL was very clear that he couldn't 'hold a spot for me,' which of course - I would never have that expectation.

Now, I don't know about you other raiders out there, what life looks like from your kitchen windows. I imagine some of you are about to go through some major life shake-ups. Some of you have your routines fairly established--family members know when to pitch in to make dinner or take care of little ones. Some of you are free-n-easy living the bachelor life. I see one young guildmate who just started college and I must admit, thank God that this was not around when I was in college. Sure sure, I was "only" an Art major, but it was a four-year school and I did have to take biology and stuff, too. And hacky-sack. And working at a bar. And drinking a beer or two on occasion. And those clove cigarettes. Yes, because every respectable art major had to smoke clove cigarettes once in awhile and wear black. I digress.

So, onward. I have so many cool things to look forward to. I know myself though, and am planning on steeling myself against too much angst when the guild raiding achievements start pouring in. If I need to step away from the big awesome guild for awhile because I am a jealous git then I may have to. But I know I'm working on some pretty amazing project rights now, and they won't wait. Some things don't give you second chances, and you can tell 'em Aunt Matty said so.

Postscript: So excited for some things. One, going back to my writing workshop days once in a while on Saturdays, with the PSWP. Also, I am going to try to do the National Novel Writing Month. 

Confucius says:
学而时习之、不亦说乎。有朋自远方来、不亦乐乎。人不知而不愠、不亦君子乎。(xué ér shí xí zhī 、bú yì shuō hū 。yǒu péng zì yuǎn fāng lái 、bú yì lè hū 。rén bú zhī ér bú yùn 、bú yì jun1 zǐ hū 。)
  • Isn’t it a pleasure to study and practice what you have learned? Isn’t it also great when friends visit from distant places? If you do not know and do not question, can you be called a noble man?


  1. Anonymous5.10.12

    Step 1. Roll a Pandaren somewhere.
    Step 2. Hit level 20.
    Step 3. Buy a turtle.
    Step 4. Choose whether to delete Pandaren.
    Step 5. Who cares? You got a turtle mount!

    ...because sometimes a fluff response is as good as any words of wisdom.

  2. There are so many beautiful places, I don't know when I'll ever level between enjoying the views and um, pet battles lol!

    1. Leveling-schmeving: turtle. ;)

  3. Wow naniwrimo again? Seems like it was only just last month...
    I love seeing your beautiful places, they give me solace for the turmoil in my head.

    1. Navi - are you doing, or have done Want to check in with me once in a while?


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