Thursday, October 11, 2012

Best laid plans...

Yesterday, the fuel pump that had been hanging on by a thread, or at least I suspect it's the fuel pump, gave out. It started acting up the day before, but I persisted, and got the ol' girl, my truck, to start, and get me home safely. However, yesterday, when I thought I had it going, it decided to stall out again, but this time on the road. I turned into an abandoned gas station (holy smokes! Is this the making of a great spooky story! "The Tell-Tale Beating Fuel Pump?") and called roadside assistance. Within 45 minutes, there comes my hero in the form of an Ukrainian tow-truck driver named Alex. Alex has been in the U.S. twenty-two years, and regaled me with stories of how he taught himself English, of which he speaks with gusto, shy of fluency, and how he persisted in getting a job as a mechanic. He explained, while driving one of those huge flat-bed trucks, sometimes answering his cell phone, in heavy traffic, why Ford engines are "no guud," on a piece of paper with a pen he scrounged up from the floor. My clutching the half-open window was met with, "Eef you are kuld, you kun shut da window." No, Alex, just want to be sure I have something to hold when you careen into the traffic in front of you. Oh, and there was the story of the friend who was so drunk, when he had a mishap with a train and lost both his legs, he didn't even feel it. God really does watch out for drunks sometimes I think. Or at least alcohol poisoning has its benefits. Alex the Urkrainian Tow Truck driver keeps an angel or two in his service, too, I believe.

I'm getting around to the point: My plans were to come home, get a handle on some of the other professions and feed baby dragon. Baby dragon is awesome. But that fish cake thing, and some other thoughts, like letting Zeptepi and Momokawa out of the box. And then there's Luperci. These new dungeons on normal are very mild, and I want to get her geared up, too. Work has been going well; I've been able to organized my workday and be very productive, all while maintaining order in chaos. I need to recognize those times, because damn, they are few and far between. And because I woke up again at 4AMbuttcrackofdawn, I was woozy from the adventures of Alex and His Magical Tow Truck and lack of sleep, I could barely focus. And I hope I'm not coming down with that "thing," that everyone is getting. not having had time for my flu shot yet. (Oh, I tried, but was met with a shrug at the pharmacy when I inquired about the free flu shots; the young man couldn't be bothered to look for the paperwork. I wasn't in a place mentally to fight it.)

So I throw the question of where are the fish cakes out in guild chat, and got the varying responses of sweetness and admonitions that I am lazy. For the sweetness: thank you. I did end up finding the recipe for fish cakes. Now I just have to figure out the key to unlock the brew, fire, etc., cooking recipes. It would seem having the ingredients isn't enough. And---------!!!!!--------I am seriously questioning my sanity as I strive to learn more about virtual culinary arts than real ones. There are real baby dragons, you know, who would like some homemade chicken soup or pepper steak stir fry. Cold cereal for dinner is not so great.

My poor GM. He is so anxious and ready to go raiding - he's been breaking his virtual neck to get every cooking recipe, every worthy piece of gear, achievement, challenge runs, etc., that the stress is palatable from the chat lines. Like I said, trying to tell a Type A to switch to the letter B for awhile is futile. To confess, I am somewhat glad the truck broke down. I am looking forward to some stolen play time, but I am not stupid. This is really the universe's way of telling me to clean my own house, more literally than virtually. Make those doctor appointments, figure out how to pay for a fuel pump, get that flu shot, make that soup.

A very dear friend of mine just celebrated a birthday recently. I almost, almost, got her WoW and some subscription time. She loves her job, and sewing, and costuming for plays, and watching detective shows, and reading, and nesting, and enjoying her own company. I know if she started playing she'd rule the world in no time flat. But then, I couldn't do that to her, I just couldn't.


Postscript: Thank goodness for smart bloggers:

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  1. OMG! And I was just there, I must stop sucking up to these factions and go get a flu shot. I think there's just a chance that I might stop long enough to get that one done. Doctor visit, not a chance, lol.

    Wish you were here, I could give you some of my fish cakes.

    1. My "Dork Moment of the Week" was realizing those fish cakes were a grayed-out recipe the whole time.



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