Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Always look on the bright side of life.

I full-out blew today off in a big way. I stayed in Azeroth like it was a job. My priest friend wishes me well everyday, and tells me to be good, but I was NOT today. But tomorrow is another day. As I leave the keyboard, I need to regroup a little bit.  Hours of play will leave me with a mixed bag, just like a normal day in the real world. And I do have some heavy real world stuff right now, that even the sparkly moths of Azuremyst couldn't glitter me out of. (Can that be a verb? Glitter? Sure. If I say so.)

So, before the cloudy northwest sun sets, wanted to come up with 10 things I love/hate about Azeroth:

1. Teabagging. As I was told by a guildmate, I'd better get used to it. No. No I don't. It may happen, but I will never like it or think it's funny or cute. Just can't. I first heard the term in a John Water's bio-flick called Pecker. Great movie, by the way. Martha Plimpton is an under-used actress.
2. Being a ninja. I really don't like being an ass, by error or default.
3. How needy my dog is when I play. He's a needy breed anyway, but seems to have a smaller bladder during dungeons. He is a sweet dog though. Maybe I should get a cat.
4. Mashing keyboard spells. I am more like Salieri than Mozart when it comes to my keyboarding skills.
5. Not enough compliments. The tough streets of Stormwind are deceptive: they seem friendly, but they are sorely lacking in courtesy or manners. Perhaps we need more Canadian players, eh?

1. I know, yes, I am Princess Dork, but once in awhile I can actually watch my characters do their things, and just watch them work. They are, dare I say it? Beautiful. Watching little pig-tailed Lupe face a big dragon, or Matty slice and dice a big monster dog or on the battlegrounds, or when Zep's chakras are pouring out golden light -- ah.
2. Friendships. I have said a lot about these, and without these, there really is no point.
3. Achievements: When that banners pops up, it is on too briefly, but love it. Sschwwwingg!
4. Creativity: playing has inspired me to write more. I may not have an audience, or a following, but I enjoy this part very much.

So, to all you teabaggers and ninjas, your hair looks great today, and you're so funny and smart! Your friends must love you, and I am sure that mashing your keyboard won't hurt your achievements. BRB, need to let out my dog.

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