Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer schooled.

Been given another homework assignment: read the Patch 4.2 notes. I guess I think simply by posting links somehow by osmosis they will seep into my brain.

Osmosis POWER! (I want you to imagine this link glowing eerily, radiating life energy and flames)

I was pondering how do players know stuff? For example, how does my paladin friend know when to hit this seal versus that seal, versus this buff or not, depending upon who's in the group? Yes, read Tool Tips. I get that. However, applied knowledge is very different from acquired knowledge. As in life, sometimes the best way to learn something is word-of-mouth by a more experienced mentor. Go go gadget Socrates?

Well, we're all pretty excited about being able to purchase some decent threads with Justice Points, and some new content. Everyone is so fatigued on Tol, and I know one or two players, who, at the very mention of its name, turn sheet white whenever they hear..."Zul...." Although, I have purchased some prime real estate in Zul'Aman. The schools are excellent and the climate is pleasant year 'round.

Time to hit the books again. Want to look sharp.

Theme Song: ZZ Top/Sharp Dressed Man

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