Thursday, June 30, 2011


So sweet!
Twenty days seems like a long time to do anything, but they went by really fast, faster than a, say, oh, a WINTERSPRING FROSTSABER?!

Rivern Frostwind and the draenei girls get along just fine. He's entrusted Matty, Haanta, Luperci, and Zeptepi with the reigns of the Winterspring Mounts, which they all completed this morning. As I jokingly told guildmates, if I only spent that much time washing and waxing my truck as I did on getting those dailies done, I'd be, well, in a clean vehicle, I guess. But I wouldn't have cool tigers to ride.


Zeptepi with Winterspring Mount, Shadow Priest edition


If you want your own, seek out Rivern Frostwind in Winterspring, a bit northwest of the Everlook lodge.   The dailies are super quick, and really don't take much except for a tiny bit of patience. Besides, Winterspring is beautiful this time of year.

So, while I also have my reputation to consider, this simultaneously happened, too. Now to work on a few more reps with the good population of Azeroth. For the time being, I'm going to go wash my truck.

Theme song: 'Mustang Sally' as peformed by The Commitments*
*If you haven't seen the movie The Commitments, perhaps you may want to check it out. Get your Irish blues satisfied.

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