Saturday, June 18, 2011


Lupe is no longer feeling like she can't find busfare. In fact, the royal coach took her wherever she needed to go. And there was no pumpkin surprise at the end.

Got clued in to some guild perks, PvP vendors in Dal, dungeons, dragons, and even got a few kills and achievements in battlegrounds.

And again, while there are some awkward shuffles about asking if Mat can just stay in her box for awhile, (more like, "Hey, Matty, is your sister home?") Haanta and Luperci both were asked to join the world. Wish I could clone my human self sometimes and have played both, but alas, can only inhabit one virtual world at a time.

Zep got her chance to strut her stuff last night with a silly PUG: finished Blackrock and decided to play house and musical chairs. Very funny and nice group. It can happen. Didn't want to leave, which is the sign of a great party.
Who's been sitting in my chair? Who's been eating my porridge? Druid is baby bear, of course. I play the eternal Goldilocks. Breaking and entering? Got a rap sheet a mile long.

Have a wedding to go to tomorrow: nice to get out of these jeans and T-shirts and put on something more girly-girl. And I am wearing my big-girl shoes. Gotta represent the draenei posture/height as best I can. And my friend: I'll work on getting Lupe into a few more purples and her big-girl shoes, too. As with your tank, you are a world-class healer. Made it possible for me to actually see what it's like to kill Horde in a battleground without dying immediately. And as you could tell from how many hornets' nests I like to step in, that is saying something.

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