Thursday, June 16, 2011

What? This old thing!?

Interesting perspective on heirloom gear:

That is a loaded, but dead-on word choice: "tyranny."

It is tyranny that ruins game play quite often, as it does, well, the world.

I had no idea that 'to heirloom or not to heirloom' was a big deal. A new guild member was throwing around some philosophical chatter about it the other day about how he missed the good old days. He says he's 17, so I'm not sure how good-old he can be. (Shrugging so much it looks like a human male shoulder roll motion.)

Luperci and Zeptepi have a few pieces, sure. Not too concerned, or at least I wasn't. The real work for a new wardrobe happens at level 80 now anyway. I don't have a weapons' room or closet full of gear: you know my bags are filled with junk and letters. (But it's important! I might need to read that letter again someday!)

But it's funny: I was feeling somewhat disloyal to not wanting to play...that much lately. And I am not a raider ("not yet/will ever be?" yin-yang spin-out ), but something kind of snapped lately, not quite sure what: maybe it's been real world stuff, maybe the overwhelming desire or fantasy that I'll get the whisper: "Hey, Matty, come do this raid! We need you!," and I hop in there, down the boss with the highest DPS, everyone gets amazing loot, but mostly me, and hooray! And I sweep my long blond hair behind my new shoulder armor, wink at a dwarf or two, and fly away into the pink cotton-candy sunset.

"What would we do without her?!" 

But that is not the validation (and it would be greatly unearned) that is offered in Azeroth. So, I am finding some new pathways. Stumbled across this beautiful blog, too: Manalicious, and this article on alts. 

Theme Song: Devil with a blue dress on....

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