Sunday, June 26, 2011

Honeymint tea for two.

Lupe wears Matty's hand-me-downs well...
Sometimes just a change of perspective can make all the difference in the world. Leveling a tank and a healer has been revealing, enlightening, and sometimes a little embarrassing.

Luperci did two dungeon runs in Gundrak today. The first held an extremely critical, albeit monosyllabic, DK who took every opportunity to criticize, including when I asked the healer if they were "good on mana." He said, "ur not good tank ur no good."

His needling criticisms about seals, taunts, and game play finally got to me, and I told him to go love himself in a vigorous, passionate fashion and left. Apparently, his ability to taunt me was superb. I wish I hadn't lost my temper like that. As a young druid told me, that is probably what he wanted. I have no idea if the rest of the group felt that way. I needed to check his pulse for blood presence, and see if the hunter's pet had growl on. He didn't leave me any wiggle room to get my groove on. The second run was much more successful in terms of group cooperation and support. Same situations, such as the mage or rogue sometimes pulled aggro, but all in all, did what I needed to do to protect the group, take the most damage, and see it through. I love tanking. As my favorite cross-dressing rogue told me, or commented, how is it that everyone pays their game dues, and yet some people think they are entitled to perfection? No wonder why my friends who have been playing for awhile miss the days of pulling together groups to run dungeons with before dungeon finder. I don't want to play with the South Park WoW player who is flicking chips off of his belly, singularly sitting in his pool of perfection.

There is another aspect as well: the majority of my best WoW friends originated from a one-to-one interaction. A help with a quest, a passing compliment, or some such interaction is how we met, and become friends. Rogue and I were thinking that Blizzard is missing the boat on that one: how cool would it be to have two-person quests? I know there are some, and there are arenas, but I mean, true buddy-journey quests? That are challenging but doable with two? From what I understand, Diablo has these, and according to trade chat, the buzz over Diablo III is getting pretty heated. Maybe these things exist in RP realms, but I think it would be cool to be able to craft a two or three person quest chain with fabulous achievements, titles, and gold. And ponies. Don't forget the ponies.

Luperci received a beautiful black dress from her big sister. It was a gift from a priest. When she put this dress on this evening, not one but three elves danced with her, hugged her, and kissed her. She cleans up pretty good, doesn't she? Just a reminder that she's not all business, but loves to play, too.

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