Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thing of beauty.

My art skills are as rusty as a blade left out in the Darkshire rain, so I am a standing here as a critic and not an artist. Contemplating on a quick conversation about fanart yesterday with a friend, I described most of the art I've seen in the idiomatic term "cheesy." That's a tough one to explain, as most idioms are. I defined 'cheesy' in context of the fanartists as being those who are trying for 'high art' and falling short.

Liger: Bred for its skills in magic.

There is a lot of cheesy fanart out there. Skillful artsits and real talent are rare. Figurative art, or art that relates to the human form, is especially tricky. It can become cartoonish quickly, and unless the artist wants it to be cartoonish, usually ends up just looking awkward. In college, I spent hours in figurative drawing classes, drawing both males and females (unfortunately, there were no ligers). Mountains of charcoal vine sticks were destroyed in order for me to try to capture the curve of a hip, or the subtle bend of an elbow.

I may pick up my sketch pad again, and see what I can do or attempt. In the meantime, I think this is one of the better renditions of a draenei female I've seen. It is still on the cartoonish side for me, something you might see air-brushed on the side of a party van, but really, it is beautiful and well-done. I know I couldn't do any better.

Click here for a link to this art.

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