Friday, June 24, 2011

The sleepy tank.

Ambien, anyone?

There is a joke that here in the northwest, west of the mountains, summer doesn't really start until after July 4th. I remember having lit a fire in the fireplace on while watching fireworks, it was that chilly. (Yes, neighbors put on quite a show. Of fireworks. Yes. They are illegal. What can I say? We here in the States like to blow stuff up.)

And, to be fair, I did stay up too late last night. It is lighter out longer, and went for a walk in twilight near 10PM. I've been doing a fair amount of heavy lifting, too, and wow --if you've seen that gi-normous shield Lupe's toting around, she's virtually a little fatigued, as well.

 But this makes me tired, too: tanking posts by expert players. 

It's not them, nor a criticism. It's more a deepening epiphany. This devotional understanding of a class and its nuances fascinates me.

So, I'm going to go take a quick nap. I worked hard to get to level 75 on Luperci, with the help of an expert player who could read that blog post and probably translate it into three languages before I can grab a teddy bear and blanket. (I'm right, aren't I?)

But at least I can share this, my friend. For about a meter's worth of knowledge, anyway.

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