Friday, October 19, 2012

Promises, promises...(and no, do not click links at work)

I did not mean to leave my "Kyle's Mom Is a Big Fat B*tch" post up for so long. Apologies. I have been one busy little shaman - errands and lists, lists of errands and errands on my listessesss--yesterday was helping young leet druid get a hair cut, sitting in the salon lobby, and a beautiful young woman asks me if I would like a free five minute chair massage. Now, I love massages, spas, pampering, getting manicures, pedicures, facials, hair cuts, etc., but I have not had a massage in years. I have a horrible mattress, a really bad gaming chair, (it's not even a desk chair, but an old, hard dining room chair), and in my job I am on my feet most of the day, and have been waking up far too early of late; subsequently, the knots she tried to untie were deep and painful. I promptly said I would pay for a longer one, and then made a follow up appointment for later in the month. (Oh, I long for you, how I wait for you!) Now before you nasty people start making the obvious jokes about happy endings, what occurred to me is how quickly busy shamans put themselves last on the list. Every knot, every deep tissue bruise the masseuse encountered was another reminder of that I have not been taking care of myself. There have been some serious health stuff in the Matty-shack in recent months, nothing that can't be resolved, but some serious stuff nonetheless, along with the usual work issues that are bigger than I can handle on my own sometimes. Even yesterday a best friend/colleague of mine started to tear up because of current conditions of stress, and we are both experiencing minor hostile work environment issues. Basically, we are experiencing what happens when one doesn't get the oxygen and life support needed once in a while, things get very dicey. After a long talk in the parking lot, she and I listened to each other, and tried to come up with some viable solutions for some very real problems. She has fought cancer, has high blood pressure, and is a single mom. To top is off, she's also a wonderful person, a great swing dancer, and incredibly kind and intelligent. I hoped I helped her, because I know she helped me. And what's funny, both of us had already come up with these solutions on our own, we just needed a sounding board.

So, between saving the world, trying to find time for myself, and feeding baby dragons, haven't had much of a chance to write, and I do have some ideas brewing.

I have:
 Taste's Like Battle Chicken's October challenge

and look! Akabeko responded to one of my BlogAzeroth's shared topics!

Personal Codes

Which to mine I might add: Unless you are handing me a martini or margarita, or perhaps a golden lotus, don't tell me to relax. Why don't you ask me how things are going instead? Friggin' trolls....

and Bear's post on his perfect raid team: Looking for a few good peeps His guildmates got the spots filled independent of his post, but his ideas are solid.

And stories, drabbles, and screenshots, oh my! JD - next LBR?

Wish me luck: maybe this year, The Horseman will grant me my wish. And no, it's not a happy ending.


  1. What I want to know is what is Mrs. Whitworth up to. Perhaps she'll tell us, fingers crossed.

  2. As easy as it would be to answer, "I am sure no good," I am also curious as to her whereabouts. I sense something stirring the pot on this one, too...

  3. I forgot I should be doing daily for hh mount. Too late I'm already lying down... maybe tomorrow.

    1. Oh, Navi, will we ever give our brains a break?! always another day!


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