Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Blackbird singing...

Rona must be Ceniza's fairy godmother; either that or the enchilada and Dos Equis buff is extremely powerful. Off to the faire, and after one glowfly battle, she tried a second time, prepared with lower-level pets so as not to kill the poor thing, and in the second battle, there was the crow! Gently, carefully, Ceniza worked patiently to lure it into the trap, and now it's hers!

Wonder if the trap will work for this crow, too:

John Snow, winter is coming....



  1. Gratz!

    I think Tippi (Hedron) might be a good name for a crow.

    1. Tippi is brilliant - although I may need to change Ceniza's name to that and call the crow "Alfred."


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