Sunday, April 28, 2013

Drabble: Own Way

Happiest Place on Earth: Azuremyst

“Dornaa, I went mining for some lower quality gems so you can get started on your jewel crafting training. I put them in the bank for you.” Mataoka was so excited to see Dornaa carry on the traditions of Draenei jewel crafting. She herself had spent years perfecting gem cuts, and having a discerning eye for the perfect magic of each gemstone. Dornaa looked sheepish. “I have decided to pursue Engineering, Matty. I didn’t want to tell you.” Mataoka was not sure what hurt her more: the choice or the holding back. “And, it’s Goblin Engineering.”

“I see,” she said.

* * *

I am already missing that second account much more than I thought, although I know it's a very good thing. The reason I am missing it is because I love to start new characters, new zones, new everything: how tedious things become for me when I reach top level surprised me. Isn't that always the goal? More, more,  more? And how envious I am of those who can play only one true main, and craft and hone their skills to world-class levels of play? I don't deny them their skills or knowledge: I just wish I could groove like that. I will forever remain a dilettante; and that's just fine. I know I am in good company with my love of alts. But there is impatience in me, too--even with Dornaa, I tossed on a trunk load of heirlooms and just today alone went from level 14 to 28 in a few hours. Boom. Done. I swore that I would savour leveling her, take my time, do every quest, and here I am again, leveling out of zones faster than I can get a flight path. 

I told my friend Señor and CDR all I wanted to do was sit in Azuremyst and watch the purple skies. That's it. Listen to the crickets. Listen to the music of the zone. Chill. Out. Friday was a terrible, horrific day. No hyperbole, no exaggeration. It was the kind of day that broke me. Somehow the skies and pines of Azuremyst mend me. So does a glass of good Merlot, but that's a story for another time.

Yes. I could grab Mataoka and go "home" for a spell. And I have done that on occasion. But Dornaa's narrative intrigues me: I feel that when I am playing her, and aiding the Nestlewood Owlkin and their primitive, shamanistic, indigenous rituals, I am in another world. Somehow if I am on a leveled character, that sense of immersion dissipates and feels too nostalgic to be authentic.
Perhaps it's a good thing we are not getting three specializations. This way, I am forced to level Dornaa in a new way. She is strictly elemental and restoration. Not an agility muscle will be flexed, nor a single piece of gear without intelligence in it. 

Not sure what it is -- probably my own projection of narrative and idiosyncrasies--but let's just say it's mischief, magic, and mojo: playing Dornaa is unique to her. We'll just leave it at that.


  1. I know, while I go back to places I loved on Cat it's not the same experience of being the appropriate level and playing through.

    Is is not about "end game" for me, it's about the world we travel through. I hope little Dornaa takes her time on her trip. I know Liwu needs to "slow down" in the words of her Pandaren brothers!

    1. It is a beautiful world, too, isn't it? Tough to slow down with heirlooms - she may need to send those back to the gnome. Okay, maybe until level 30 when she can duel spec, or level 40 for fast riding, or level 60 for flying...or or or....:)

  2. I like Dornaa. I think you should have stories of Dornaa's adventures all the time!

    1. I was curious as to how long I've been dabbling in Dornaa's narrative, and it's been quite a while:

      Never to late to pick up a story line again!


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